Top 3 Places to Visit in Korea

South Korea is one of most beautiful countries in Asia that has maintained its traditional and impressive history while embrassing the new and convenience of the modern technology. Here are some of the place you would not want to miss out when during your travel to Korea.

  1. First is of course the capital of South Korea, Seoul. Seoul is a very vibrant and modern city that lives up to that “24 hours party” tag. It has gorgeous city parks, cultural landmarks and tasteful design all around the city that can compare to other popular cities in the world. However, even with its modern side, this city is still full of history having five major palaces like the  Changdeokgung Palace and Gyeongbokgung Palace.
    Seoul, South Korea Skyline

    Seoul City; Source:


    Changdeokgung Palace; Source:


    Gyeongbokgung Palace; Source:

  2. The second place to visit is Busan. Busan is Korea’s second biggest city. Busan has mix of different areas to visit such as tropical beaches, majestic mountains and ancient Budhist temples. This city is also very famous for its delicious seafood cuisine.

    Famous Gamcheon Culture Village; Source:



  3. Last but not the least is Jeju Island. It lies about 85km off the coast of South Korea. In the island, you’ll find exquisite botanical gardens, sandy beaches and lava caves. You can also find there the O’Sulloc Tea Museum, where you can learn about South Korea’s famous traditional tea culture.

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It’s more fun in the Philippines!

This slogan has become quite popular nationally and internationally to promote the tourism in the Philippines, but I think that it not only a slogan but a fact. As a Filipina myself, I can definitely tell you all that it is not just a slogan but an actuality. Here are 5 reasons as to why “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” and why you guys should consider coming and exploring this beautiful country.

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