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It’s more fun in the Philippines!

This slogan has become quite popular nationally and internationally to promote the tourism in the Philippines, but I think that it not only a slogan but a fact. As a Filipina myself, I can definitely tell you all that it is not just a slogan but an actuality. Here are 5 reasons as to why “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” and why you guys should consider coming and exploring this beautiful country.

  1. The hospitality of Filipinos – Us Filipinos are very are very open and welcoming when it comes to our family, friends or guests. Filipinos tend to spoil their guests whenever the latter comes to their house. For instance, if a friend of the family comes to visit, the host family would prepare an actual feast for that person, even if he is just coming by himself, or when a family member would sleep over, they would even offer the person to sleep on their bed so that they would feel comfortable and at home. Filipinos’ hospitality plays a big role in making one’s experience in the Philippines unforgettable.

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    Photo Source:

    2. The beaches – The Philippines is a tropical country, which means it has the ideal weather to spend a day on the many beaches in the area. One of the most famous beaches in the country is called “Boracay”, where many tourist visits during their travel and it also where many national celebrities come during their vacation. Other beaches like the El Nido and Coron Palawan, Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro or the pink beach in Sta. Cruz, Zamboanga are all the perfect spots to go to if you are planning on relaxing or just for leisure. These beaches are truly paradise on earth!



    This is the pink beach in Sta.Cruz, Zamboanga currently listed as one of the most beautiful pink beaches in the world. ; Source:


    Boracay Beach; Source:


    El Nido, Palawan; Source:


    Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro; Source:


    Coron, Palawan;


    Coron, Palawan;

    3. Festivals – The Philippines hosts more than 50 festivals each year. These festivals are all full of life and different bright colors. Lively and loud music are also part of the festivals whenever there is one. Dancing, singing, and food are part of celebrating these festive festivals and it would not be one without these aspects.


    Kadayawan Festival, Photo by Constantine Agustin; Source:


    Aliwan Fiesta; Source:


    Dinagyang Festival;

    4.Food – Filipino food varies from different region and sometimes there can also be really exotic dishes that would appear in front of you, but if you really want to feel like a local, you have to eat them all! Or at least try!


    Chicken Adobo; Source:


    Balut (Duck embryo); Source:


    Sisig ( barbecued pork belly); Source:


    Halo Halo ( mix deserts);

    5. Karaoke – Who loves to sing? Filipinos sure do! Doing karaoke during parties and events or just for fun and games have become some kind of tradition for the Filipino culture. In every celebration that you would attend, you will surely see one karaoke box or a mic already set up to start the singing contest. Filipinos just really love singing, getting the mood on and partying!






    Obviously, these are not the only reason that makes Philippines fun, there are still much more but for now, let us stick with this 5. These reasons are sure to make your stay a worthwhile, so make sure you try them all! Next time you are looking for a travel destination, come to the Philippines!


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